Maurice Jager - LinkedIn Headshot and personal branding expert. 1
Maurice Jager - LinkedIn Headshot and personal branding expert. 2
Maurice Jager - LinkedIn Headshot and personal branding expert. 3
Maurice Jager - LinkedIn Headshot and personal branding expert. 4
Maurice Jager - LinkedIn Headshot and personal branding expert. 5

Maurice Jager

The LinkedIn headshot and personal branding expert.

Business portrait and headshot photographer, educator and author.
Sponsored by Phottix, Tether Tools FEISOL and BenQ.

Maurice Jager is one of Europe’s leading headshot photographers.

Maurice’s childhood and youth evolved around sports. Pushing hard to be the best on the pitch was his daily routine. When that ended abruptly because of an injury due to a traffic accident he needed to find a new direction. Figuring out what drives people drew his interest and marketing became the name of the new game and he jumped straight in and led several departments in the corporate world for almost a decade. While time passed, the job jumped the shark as the creative aspect of the job diminished and the commercial goals became overly important for his taste. He felt he needed yet again to make a change in his life.

Maurice has been photographing for years already and that’s when he decided to take up photography full-time. Up until then Maurice always worked with people and tried to get the best out of them. Headshot and portrait photography is exactly what ties it all together. His competitive nature got him to become one of the premiere headshot photographers in Europe.

Today, Maurice supports businesses and entrepreneurs in positioning themselves by telling their story through image content.

Besides all of this, he’s also the co-founder of a photography educational platform called ‘Screw the metadata’ where he helps photographers find their voice, create meaningful content and market themselves in a way that makes them unique in their space. Maurice is also a global speaker for his sponsors and he is the author of a book named ‘Photography in branding and marketing’ where he gives entrepreneurs the tools to apply image content in their branding and marketing themselves (Dutch only).

Maurice himself has build an audience on social media currently exceeding 100.000 people.

Maurice Jager - LinkedIn Headshot and personal branding expert. 6



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