Behind the scenes at LinkedIn headshot sessions at Delta Lloyd

Last week I shot, in collaboration with Link Fotografie, the employees at Delta Lloyd in Amsterdam. During a two-day event, I set up my studio on location and whoever needed a new headshot stepped in front of the camera and got a fresh, amazingly looking new headshot by yours truly.

It all was very well organized, at the end of the 2 days I shot 197 people and they all had a brand-new headshot to up their LinkedIn game.


The Behind the Scenes video below is shot during the event. You can see me get someone a killer headshot in real-time. I wasn’t even aware the video got recorded, so this little behind the scenes peek is as pure and honest as possible. Definitely cool to share and a killer shot, if I say so myself.

I’m open to more events like this, within Europe. If you organise an event like this, feel free to reach out and talk options.