Behind the scenes on a Branded Lifestyle shoot with John DeMato in New York

John is a Branded Lifestyle Portrait photographer in New York City and works with thought leaders, change agents, authors and entrepreneurs who want to take their image content library to the next level. His work and mindset in creating photographs for his client is like no other. 


I'm very happy to call John a friend and we even did a workshop together in New York recently called SCREW THE METADATA, where we help photographers to voice their expertise and inspire their clients with content that actually matters.

I hate it more than coriander, when all photographers do is post their exif information when they post their amazing work on their social media, website and what not.

We are going to change that and are in the process of creating an online community called SCREW THE METADATA to continuously help photographers, anywhere on the planet.

A Branded Lifestyle shoot - Behind the scenes

Whenever I'm in New York and it fits the schedule, I always want to meet up with John and run around with a camera to shoot some new images for my own content library. There's no reason not to work with the best, right? 

This time we invited fellow photographer and videographer Roman Meisenberg to take some behind the scenes footage to show you what a session looks like. 

Recorded by: Roman Meisenberg
Edit by: John DeMato

Enjoy the video!

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