Behind the scenes tapas restaurant Retiro in Arnhem

Yesterday I shot the staff of Restaurant Retiro in Arnhem. I got to know the owner Toni during one of the networking events I attended with SJOA in Arnhem. Retiro had a new website created and noticed that besides the page with the restaurants’ menu, the ‘staff’ page got a lot of traffic on the website. The page, however, had no photos of the staff, which Toni thought was a huge thing to get. The personal touch for a restaurant is very important and Toni asked me to take headshots of the staff to put on the website.

The success of any company lays in the hands of the staff. It’s them who are the face of the company. Personally, I think it makes a lot of sense to put the staff on the website too. Customers want to do business with people more than they want to do business with companies and adding headshots to your business website hugely improves the amount of trust customers people have in your business.

Obviously, I want to share the results of that afternoon of shooting with you. I’m very proud of the results we created together and I’m convinced Retiro will stand out from the crowd now online too.

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