I happen to have been fortunate enough to teach, speak and be on a immense vessel for the first ever headshot event hosted by Peter Hurley and the HeadshotCrew.

When I wasn’t teaching, socializing or answering questions, I took it upon myself to shoot some video of the trip. I can’t believe we made it to Bermuda. I hadn’t been there before, nor will I ever again probably. So this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to visit Bermuda and help educate other photographers in the process to elevate their business and photography skillset.

Feel free to check out my New York | HeadshotCrewz | Bermuda adventure, by watching this YouTube video I've created while there.

So much fun! So much learning and getting to meet the people I've only seen online until then.

If you're a headshot photographer, pay attention to when the next HeadshotCrew event takes place. You'd wanna be a part of that!