How a photographer changes a D-Days' veterans life

Image by  Glyn Dewis

Image by Glyn Dewis

How a photographer changes a D-Days' veterans life

As a photographer I’m very much aware of the fact that we touch people and have the ability to change the lives of people around us. I do that every single day for my clients, whether they’re looking for a new job and want to benefit from a new headshot or when they want an amazing photo of their loved ones hanging on their living room wall. But that’s besides the point I want to address here.

Glyn Dewis helps Ted Owens in ways beyond far beyond taking a picture.

My personal friend, educator, retoucher and photographer Glyn Dewis took the way he touches and helps the people he photographs to a whole new level. Glyn is working on a project photographing around the 1940’s which includes portraits of World War 2 veterans. During his work on this project he met a former UK Royal Marines Command and D Day Veteran named Ted Owens. Ted is a real life hero who selflessly fought so that we could all enjoy the freedoms we live today…

I, as a Dutch photographer, am very grateful for his courage, sacrifices and bravery to liberate my country during the 2nd World War.

Heck, I can actually see the ‘Bridge too Far’ from my studio. It’s half a mile away and I have a clear view of it every time I look outside the window.

It is unbelievable how a war hero is not able to pay rent. Don’t you agree?

So does Glyn when he started a GoFundMe page to raise funds which are solely for the purpose of improving Ted's quality of life. To remove his stress and worry affording to pay his rent, his heating and food bills and to allow him the occasional treat. It's wrong that someone such as Ted who's bravery and sacrifice during World War 2 has enabled us to live with the freedom we experience today, is now having to live with worry such as this. It's just so incredibly wrong and heart breaking!

Make a difference too:

Hit the link below if you’re grateful for the freedom we have today and chimp in any amount, as little or big as you wish, to make a huge difference in Ted’s life.

Check out the video of Glyn giving you an explanation of this GoFundMe effort in helping a hero!

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