My new tethering station

So I wanted to get an emptier, more versatile setup in my studio. I’ll be doing a bunch of videos in the upcoming weeks and thus I needed a setup which can move to put up a monitor and tether into it with both video and during my headshot sessions.

Looking for a way to set it up, I found the Tether Tools Studio Mount for Stands, which basically connects to any decent light stand in your studio. I already had light stands on rollers and I decided to sacrifice one light stand to get the setup what I was looking for.

I connected the Tether Tools Studio mount to my BenQ SW2700PT monitor, which is a 27″ monitor with hood and it’s definitely ROCK SOLID! Doesn’t move at all, unless I want it.
Next I needed a place to put my MacBook and I attached my Tether Table to the light stand and now I have a workspace that I can use and doesn’t take up that much space at all!

If you’re in the same boat as me, this is what I used to create it:

BenQ SW2700PT


This is the best monitor I have ever worked on. A definite recommendation to anyone who takes their photography serious.

Get it here: Amazon | Kamera-Express



Rock Solid VESA Studio mount for stands


This mount will rock solidly mount your monitor to a light stand.. What’s in a name, right?

Get it here: Amazon



Tether Tools Table Aero Traveler (16 x 14in) – Brushed Silver


The Aero Traveler table fits my 13″ MacBook Pro perfectly. I got this table years ago and it still looks like new and it’s the center of my Tether Tools kit.
I don’t leave my studio without it. Besides my camera and my Macbook, this table is always with me when I’m shooting.

Get it here: Amazon | CameraNu

Rock Solid Baby Arm + Master Clamp + Elbow

This arm teamed up with the Rock Solid Master Clamp and the Rock Solid Aero Elbow gives me the ability to attach my Aero table to a light stand.


Rock Solid Baby Arm

Get it here: Amazon | Cameratools

Rock Solid Master Clamp

Get it here: Amazon | CameraNu

Rock Solid Aero Elbow

Get it here: Amazon | Cameratools

I’m really happy with the way it came together and am ready to roll (no pun intended, okay… maybe a little bit.. LOL )

Hope you enjoyed this titbit of information!

Talk later!