My Tether Tools kit for on-location photography

Whenever I post a Behind The Scenes shot of me shooting on location on my social media, I get asked what’s that Tether Tools gear I’m using. Some things might not be that obvious on the BTS image, so I figured I’d just write a blogpost about what’s the Tether Tools Kit I’m using , so everyone knows exactly what kinda tethering operation I’m running. I’ll also add links to make your life even easier.



Tether Tools Table Aero Traveler (16 x 14in) – Brushed Silver

The Aero Traveler table fits my 13″ MacBook Pro perfectly. I got this table years ago and it still looks like new and it’s the center of my Tether Tools kit.
I don’t leave my studio without it. Besides my camera and my Macbook, this table is always with me when I’m shooting.

Get it here: Amazon | CameraNu

Rock Solid Baby Arm + Master Clamp + Elbow


This arm teamed up with the Rock Solid Master Clamp and the Rock Solid Aero Elbow gives me the ability to attach my Aero table to a light stand.

Rock Solid Baby Arm

Get it here: Amazon | Cameratools

Rock Solid Master Clamp

Get it here: Amazon | CameraNu

Rock Solid Aero Elbow

Get it here: Amazon | Cameratools

TetherPro USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Micro-B Cable


I’m shooting a 5DSR with USB3 and this is the cable I need to get my shots fired straight into CaptureOne.

Get it here: Amazon | CameraNu

Tether Tools JerkStopper


To save the USB port from damaging when shooting tethered, you want to use a Tether Tools JerkStopper. Whenever the USB cable gets pulled, the JerkStopper will prevent the stress from reaching your USB port and prevent damage. A definite must-have!

Get it here: Amazon | CameraNu

Now, there you have it. This is my minimum set up for tethering on location. The bag that comes with the table holds everything Tether Tools and makes it really easy to organise and run around with.


As you may or may not know, I’m part of the Tether Tools Pro-team and endorsed by Tether Tools. Before I joined the Pro-team, I have been using Tether Tools gear as  a happy customer for years.

If you have any question about my setup, feel free to comment!