TextExpander - The photographer's time saver!

As someone running a business you probably recognize this problem. While you do what you love, e-mail piles up in your inbox. You spent too much time on e-mail, instead of spending time with your family or going out and doing some fun things with friends, you are stuck answering e-mails. Sounds familiar? This little program I found solved this issue for me overnight!


Jos Burgers, the most successful author of management books in the Netherlands, once said during a presentation that if you’re running a business you shouldn’t be busy, but efficient. To freely translate his quote: “If you are not making a lot of money, you might as well don’t do a lot”. I wouldn’t make to strong claim that sending e-mails doesn’t earn you any money, but my main source of income is making people happy with headshots and portraits. Not sending e-mail.  Because the majority of my e-mails are in essence mostly the same kind of questions. I had to try and come up with the same answers all the time. So I had to find a way to approach my e-mail differently and I did.


Looking for the solution of my inefficient e-mail habbits I ran into an application called TextExpander. TextExpander runs on your Mac and allows you to create an abbreviation for all your bits and pieces of e-mail replies just once. After that, whenever you type the abbreviation anywhere on your Mac, the paragraph or line of text show up. As you might know, past clients get my ‘Returning client discount’ of 60% on each and every session they book after they have booked a full session. Of course I can come up with the same wording over and over again, but the following is way more handy!

The abbreviation for this paragraph is: ;returning .. Yes, indeed with a semicolon. Why? Because I never use a semicolon and a character next to each other and that’ll help me from accidentally triggering the program to put in my repetitive text. So when I’m writing my e-mail and I type ;returning the following shows up instantaneously:

“I really like having you in my studio. I hope you will book a session with me again in the future. Because I value you as my client, I want to remind you of my ‘Returning client discount’. If you decide to work with me again, you can benefit from a 60% discount on all your future photo sessions. In an hour we shoot 5 new, fresh headshots to help you promote yourself for years to come.”


Through this link you can buy the program for $44.95 . The return on investment of this programma is literally days! An absolute recommendation if you’re getting too much e-mails too, but still want to reply personally.

If you want to see the program in action, check out the two short movies below from the makers.

30 second intro:

3 minute explanation on how it works: