The Squinch tip for a more photogenic portrait

It’s been over 8 months since Peter Hurley’s video about ‘Squinching’ came out. This week media picked up on it again, because of a recent article in the Guardian about the technique. A good time to once remind you about the technique I use in my studio on a daily basis as an associate photographer of Peter Hurley.


If you ever were in my studio for a photo shoot, you should know about this. Every single session I shoot this technique passes by more than once. I never stopped using the technique, since I first learned about the technique a couple years ago. Just after when I meet with Peter I learned about this. I think it’s the best way to convey a confident look and I use it together with some other techniques to make my clients look both confident and approachable.


When people first enter my studio, a lot of the time I hear them say they don’t really look forward to having their pictures taken. Mostly because they feel they never look at their best and sometimes even insecure. By taking the time to get to know you and making you feel at ease before we apply a couple small techniques, like the Squinch, I’m confident you’ll look better in your next shots. You can try it yourself in front of your mirror!

The word ‘Squinch’ is a made-up word by Peter Hurley. The technique is fairly simple to do, so here we go:

Step 1: Move your lower eyelids up. Your upper eyelids will automatically come down a bit, which is good.
Step 2: You look more confident.

But don’t exaggerate… Don’t squint! You’re not looking into the sun, you’re looking in the mirror and see a cool, confident person looking back.

Here’s the ‘official’ video ‘It’s all about the squinch’ released in November 2015 with currently more than 1.8 mln views. Peter explains the Squinch thoroughly with examples:

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