branded business portraits

Show your authority. Powerful and authentic to your followers as the leading entrepreneur you are.

You're an expert in what you do. You just don't have the content library yet to tell your story to your followers on social media, your blogs and press appearances? You need images to show people who you are, what you do and why you do what you do. You want to connect to people to build your brand as an entrepreneur, speaker or business owner? 

Or maybe you're already blogging like there's no tomorrow, but those stock images are just not cutting it. If only you have images with you on them, doing what you what you do best. Which support your authority, your brand and yourself to be seen as the thought leader you are or want to become. 

Did you know there's nobody else who offers this to entrepreneurs in Europe? Until now!

I help entrepreneurs all over Europe to stay on top of their branding game through my photography and travel to any location.

Maurice Jager in NYC by John DeMato

Maurice Jager in NYC by John DeMato

Tell your unique story about your business, your brand and your life with magazine worthy photography. 

Your image content library

How convenient would it be to have a content library with images that match your brand and how you want to be perceived in the world. An image portfolio with images that contain you, ready when you need it for when you publish your new post or blog. To support your brands story all the way through and who put you and your brand on the map.

Before we start with the branded business portrait photo session, we make sure we have all the ducks in a row during a strategy session. Locations, items, clothing, we cover everything we can think off and plan ahead. Because I know the day of the shoot can feel hectic and I want to make sure we create all the images you need to make sure your branded business portraits represent you in exactly the way we want.



We are going to make sure that you always have the best photography for your website. A banner for your homepage? Done! A perfect portrait for your about page? Sure Thing! A photo you can use on any blog you want to write? Yes!

We are going to help people to acknowledge your expertise when they go to your website!


Social media content

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, blogs.. If you use social media to tell your story, you need a photo for every post. A photo supporting and boosting your brands story.

We will not only update your profile pictures, but we are going to create a full image library with branded business portraits so you have more than enough images for any of your posts!


PROMOTIon material

All the images from your branded business portrait photoshoot are not only something you can use digitally. If you consider writing a book, a lead-magnet, printed brochures, whatever your business needs, you will have the images at your disposal to make it look perfect. 

Your brand needs to be uniform and so should your images be.


Headshots & press pictures


We photograph an array of images you can use as profile pictures for your social media, your website, to put on announcements for your speaking events and press releases or articles in the press.

LIFESTYLE / at work


We will create tons of images about how you work, what inspires you and who you are. Branded business portraits while you work, brainstorm, during a meeting, an event, when you relax. You name it, you got it. 

neutral backgrounds

20180120 - Masja de Jongh1722.jpg

You're gonna get portraits on neutral backgrounds, so you can use the negative space to add branded messages, add your logo, a quote or share something else inspirational with your followers.

Other images


Complete the image content library with photos of meaningful books, tools you use and other significant items that mean something for your brand, business or you personally or your followers. 


Before we start to work with each other on creating your branded business portrait library, I want to make sure we are a match. I think it's important for both of us to know we're on the same page, right?

Hit the button below to schedule a FREE 20 minute introduction call with me. No strings attached, just a way for both of us to see if we can boost your brand to the next level together. 



Become a brand

Boost your brand strategy

Up to 4 hour photo session

Unlimited locations

Unlimited outfits

Post session review session

(at least 4 months of content)

€ 1999,- ex. VAT

Boost your brand*

Boost your brand strategy

Up to 6 hour photo session

Unlimited locations

Unlimited outfits

Post session review session

(at least 8 months of content)

€ 3199,- ex. VAT

Big shot your brand*

Boost your brand strategy

Up to 8 hour photo session

Unlimited locations

Unlimited outfits

Post session review session

(at least 12 months of content)

€ 4499,- ex. VAT


* The boost your brand and Big shot your brand sessions include travel fees throughout Europe.


Do you still wonder if this is something for you? Are you concerned about us being able to create branded business portraits for your business, niche or market? Are you still having questions? I want to help you find out if this is a match for you. I only want to work with entrepreneurs who think I can add value to them.

Feel absolutely free to start the conversation. Click the button below to schedule a FREE, no strings attached, call. 

I made it my mission and goal to work with and help entrepreneurs to be able to share their story and be as successful as they can in their niche. 


We meet on Skype first, before we actually start taking any pictures. Creating a strategy for your branded business portraits is very important. In my experience it's important to plan ahead. The strategy session will take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, in which we will cover all the bases and make sure we are both prepared to make sure your branded business portraits will boost your brand. After the 20 minute introduction call we can schedule a strategy session. 


We have the day planned in advance during our boost your brand strategy session. When I get to your location, we know exactly what needs to be done and we get down to business. During the day we move from one location to the other and change outfits as we go to make sure your branded business portraits are evergreen and match the message you want to tell with your story. I'm a professional in coaching entrepreneurs in front of my camera with posture and expression to get those perfect branded business portraits.


When we are done photographing, I load all the images into my laptop and we'll go through them one by one to make sure they're perfect to boost your brand. After the post session review we will call it the day and i'll travel back to my studio. Chances are we got a lot of images and in the days after our photo day I will edit the images and make them ready for you to use. I want everything to be topnotch to get you the best possible branded business portraits to boost your brand, business and make sure you, personally, are proud of the images we created.