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Categorie: Behind the scenes

How to photograph the fireworks in Disneyland

I posted a great image of the Disney Illumination show the other week and have got some responses from people asking me how I created the shot without a tripod. In the blogpost I’ll explain step by step what I did.


How I Got the Shot Educational Guide – 2nd Edition

A couple weeks ago I got approached by Tether Tools to create a ‘How I got the shot’ video explaining how I work and what gear I use. The video just got out and here is the promo-video for it and a way to get the full video delivered straight into your mailbox!

personal branding for photographers

Behind the scenes at LinkedIn headshot sessions at Delta Lloyd

This Behind the Scenes video is shot during a corporate headshot event. You can see me get someone a killer headshot in real-time. I wasn’t even aware the video got recorded, so this little behind the scenes peek is as pure and honest as possible.

personal branding for photographers

Behind the scenes Tapas Restaurant Retiro in Arnhem

Yesterday I shot the staff of Restaurant Retiro in Arnhem. Retiro had a new website created and noticed that besides the page with the restaurants’ menu, the ‘staff’ page got a lot of traffic on the website and he wanted the visitors to meet the people working at Retiro.

HeadshotCrew video bloopers

SocialMediaLikeABoss Bloopers

When you record a video tutorial, this happens in the process. The Bloopers..



If you wanna see my New York, New York | Headshot Crewz | Bermuda adventure, make sure to check this YouTube video.

What's in the bag?

What’s in my bag

I shoot headshots on location too. When I hit the road, this is what’s in my bag and need to bring to make sure I have everything available to be at my best


HeadshotCrew meet with Dennis Weissmantel

My meeting with HeadshotCrew Wingee Dennis Weissmantel. Dennis is one of the photographers I mentor and coach with building his headshot business & portfolio


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