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Category: Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes at LinkedIn headshot sessions at Delta Lloyd

This Behind the Scenes video is shot during a corporate headshot event. You can see me get someone a killer headshot in real-time. I wasn’t even aware the video got recorded, so this little behind the scenes peek is as pure and honest as possible.

Behind the scenes Tapas Restaurant Retiro in Arnhem

Yesterday I shot the staff of Restaurant Retiro in Arnhem. Retiro had a new website created and noticed that besides the page with the restaurants’ menu, the ‘staff’ page got a lot of traffic on the website and he wanted the visitors to meet the people working at Retiro.

SocialMediaLikeABoss Bloopers

When you record a video tutorial, this happens in the process. The Bloopers..


If you wanna see my New York, New York | Headshot Crewz | Bermuda adventure, make sure to check this YouTube video.

HeadshotCrew meet with Dennis Weissmantel

My meeting with HeadshotCrew Wingee Dennis Weissmantel. Dennis is one of the photographers I mentor and coach with building his headshot business & portfolio


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