LinkedIn headshot and Personal Branding Headshots for Professionals, Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Realtors, Speakers, Authors, Artists, Actors, Models, Graduates, Jobseekers & Go-getters.

LinkedIn Express session

The ideal session to upgrade your LinkedIn headshot.

» 30 minutes in the studio
» Including 1-2 looks/outfits
» Personal proofing gallery with your images
» Including 1 professionally retouched image

€ 119 incl. BTW

LinkedIn headshot session

The ideal session to update your LinkedIn headshot and personal branding.

» 60 minutes in the studio
» Including 4-5 looks/outfits
» Personal proofing gallery with your images
» Including 1 professionally retouched image

€ 199 incl. BTW

Million Dollar Package

The Million Dollar Package

This is the session if you want to go all-in on your personal branding and your business.

» 90 minutes in the studio
» Unlimited looks/outfits
» Including all images in high-resolution
» Including 5 professionally retouched photos

€ 699 incl. BTW


A professionally retouched photo • coaching and direction during the session  • instant review of the images • personal online proofing gallery • personal branding consult

I have years of experience and make sure you’ll look your absolute best. No reason to freak out about having your picture taken. 85% of the people who come to my studio say ‘they never look good in pictures’ or ‘hate having their photo taken’ an every one of them left my studio happy!


I work with the best retouchers in the business. Retouching in my vocabulary means removing some blemishes in the skin and some stray hairs. The retouch will be really light handed, basically, everything which wasn’t there 2 weeks ago and won’t be there in 2 weeks gets retouched off. You obviously still want to look like you, that’s the most important thing to me!

You can select as many as you need in your online gallery. During the ordering process, you’ll find a link to pay for the additional retouched images. The price per retouched image is 34,95 Euro, taxes included (21%).


A day after you’ve booked the session, you’ll receive an e-mail with a document attached with tips concerning clothing, hair, and make-up to take into consideration before the photo shoot. The document with pre-shoot information contains the information for my full session. You will also receive an e-mail with directions to the studio and a VAT-specified invoice.


I want my clients to be fully informed. Thank you for reading all this information. However, if you still have any questions regarding your photo session, my style or approach, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m more than happy to answer all of you questions and take away your concerns to make sure your experience will be at it’s best. If you call me and I don’t pick up the phone that means I’m probably shooting. If you leave a message on my voicemail, I will call you back the second the photo session ends.  I can be reached on the following phone numbers:

Netherlands: +31 (0)6 420 11 44 8

New York:  + 1 646 571 0100


I offer a 50% discount if you booked an individual headshot or portrait session with me before. Use the code you received in your e-mail or contact the studio to book your appointment with the return client discount.


My schedule is quite busy, but the easiest way to book your session is right here on my website. My calendar is sync real-time and you can pick a date and time which suits you best. During booking, I ask you to pay the session in advance to make absolutely sure you’ve reserved my time in the schedule. The payment options include iDeal, Creditcard, Bitcoin or Paypal. I can also swipe your card in the studio before we start shooting.


I’m available throughout Europe to shoot larger groups and company bigger than 5 people. Please contact me for a custom quote.