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Via de onderstaande knop lees je alles over mijn aanpak en kun je meteen een afspraak plannen.

Waarom werken met Maurice Jager?

Maurice Jager is specialist als het gaat om profielfoto’s en personal branding fotografie. Maurice was de eerste in Nederland die zich in profielfoto’s specialiseerde en zijn aanpak voor personal branding foto’s is uniek.

Daarnaast is Maurice auteur van het boek ‘Personal branding voor fotografen‘, waarin hij als expert andere fotografen zijn methode uitlegt en spreker voor op grote events.

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A little bit of personal news this time. BenQ made me a BenQ Color Management Expert!


During last years Professional Imaging, the Netherlands biggest photography related trade show, I was minding my own business and just walking around with Annewiek Doorhof introduced me to the people at the BenQ stand. We talked about what I do and inadvertently the conversation manoeuvred towards monitors. That was no surprise, if you’re talking to a company who makes kick-ass monitors, the conversation will go into that general direction at some point. So conversations got started and continued over e-mail.


Last week, I got the good news BenQ making me a BenQ Color Management Expert. I’m planning on creating a ton of awesome video content about my workflow and the way I handle my imagery and I’m honoured BenQ decided to make sure I am able to work on the best monitor a photographer can use. So last Thursday when I got home I had these black boxes waiting for me!

BenQ Color management expert

I had over 80 people commenting on that post guessing what’s in the boxes and ran a little competition.. I’ll be announcing the winner on my Facebook page!


So I received two BenQ SW2700PT monitors, which are awesome. They seriously have a huge leg up from the IIyama screen I was using before and at 98% AdobeRGB I’m seeing colours and contrast I didn’t even know existed. The SW2700PT offers hardware color calibration, which essentially means you’re actually calibrating the monitor and not the computer/monitor combination. I calibrated one with the X-Rite iDisplay Pro and one I left set to ‘factory calibration’ and even the factory calibration is pretty solid. They ship a calibration report with the monitor, so you can see how the monitor is calibrated and it’s very close.. Really very close.. Teamed up with the hood to prevent light from messing with your ability to have a pristine look at your screen, I’m sure this monitor will give me everything I need in life.. As far as a monitor can give me that.

BenQ Color Management Expert

Picture property for BenQ


Monitor: BenQ SW2700PT
Get it here: Amazon | Coolblue

Calibrator: X-Rite iDisplay Pro
Get it here: Amazon | Kamera-Express


I’d really appreciate it if you let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment below or send me your results, by tagging me in your shots on Instagram. You can find my account with username maurice_jager

If you’re interested in getting the same gear I used to get these shots, feel free to use the links above to go directly to the pages on Amazon for international readers and Kamera-Express or Coolblue for Dutch and Belgian readers.

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