A couple weeks ago I got approached by Tether Tools to create a ‘How I got the shot’ video. The video below is the promo-video for it!

Because most of my clients have no idea what their face looks like most of the time, I use tethering to show them the results of what I’ve shot in Capture One Pro. Tethering is a vital part of my photoshoots, to coach and educate my clients to achieve the expressions they and I are looking for.

“During the shoot, I pull whatev- er curveball I can think of to get a genuine expression based on trust and reaction while making it as fun as possible for the person in front of my lens.”

My clients are not used to being in front of a camera and showing them the amazing results we get during the shoot works as a confidence builder and helps me to get better shots going forward during the shoot.

Get the guide at:

In this new How I Got the Shot Guide, get behind-the-scenes videos, lighting diagrams, and step-by-step direction from photographers who share how they push the boundaries of what's possible to bring their visions to life. Photographer Eric Paré paints with light, Brooke Mason makes a splash, John David Pittman shoots a Hemingway portrait, Jeremy Cowart creates a custom LED light rig, plus 8 more unique profiles. You'll learn how to collaborate with others on set, connect with a subject in a unique way, and most importantly, walk away with tons of inspiration for your next project.






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