BenQ SW271 Monitor Color Calibration with Peter Hurley

BenQ SW271 Monitor Color Calibration with Peter Hurley

In this video I join Peter Hurley and take you through the monitor calibration process with BenQ's Palette Master Element software, which comes with the monitor.

The BenQ photographer monitors come calibrated out of the factory. It doesn't hurt to run a calibration on them yourself to make sure though.

I have 2 identical BenQ monitors, calibrated one and let the other one run on the factory calibration and the differences were very very slim.

In the video I mention calibrating against a luminance of 160. Industry standard dictates calibrating against 120 for digital and between 80-100 for print. We went with 160 because the monitor is facing a huge window in the studio.

Full disclosure: I'm one the few photographers in the world who is a BenQ Ambassador. Check out the process in the video.

More information about this monitor can be found here:

Enjoy the video!

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Gear and tools used in the video are:

X-Rite i1 Display Pro:
BenQ SW271:
iMac 5K:

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