Biggest compliment!

Yesterday I received the BIGGEST compliment you can get from a fellow photographer. When the industry-leader in your trade write the following about you on a website, you can’t do nothing else but smile and be grateful.

“What can I say about this guy! He’s been a force of nature in more ways than one, whether he’s building his own brand, voluntarily supporting all things Headshot Crew or singlehandedly giving HURLEYPRO a presence in the European market. This guy is focused, committed, passionate and talented to boot. I’m just psyched that we met and feel fortunate to have been able to work together for these past few years. Maurice, can’t thank you enough for all you do!”

Peter Hurley


I’m sure I don’t need to explain how incredibly cool it is to be recognized by Peter Hurley and get the appreciation from an industry-leader and best photographer in your specific niche. If you want to check out the quote in the ‘flesh’, you can visit my HeadshotCrew profile here.