Professional Imaging 2019

Professional imaging 2019 vlog of the Dutch annual tradeshow in Nijkerk.

This year I was speaking for BenQ a couple times each days, talking about the importance of a calibrated workflow and giving people a little introduction into what it takes to create amazing headshots. Which was way cool.

I’ve been visiting Professional Imaging for years and met some of the greatest photographers and learned some really nice things throughout the years that I still apply to my professional workflow today.

When I first went 6-7 years ago, as a photographer starting my business I could’ve never imagined being part of the group of photographers who give back to the photography community by sharing their knowledge.

I could only be happy when BenQ asked me to be part of Professional Imaging this year and share what I apply to my business every day to help educate the photographers attending the tradeshow.

I spent all 3 days at Professional Imaging, doing 2 talks a day at the BenQ Expert Studio. I feel fortunate hundreds of people showed up over the days to hear me speak and came over to say hi.

Good times!

Check out the video below, or by hitting the following link: