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Presenting yourself as a corporation starts with the employees who work for you.

In the current social media day and age, a corporate headshot is the first thing people see when one of your employees posts online.

I’m here to make sure that corporate headshot is representative, inviting and confident.

Maurice Jager Reviews

Over 200 people reviewed my work on Google with an average of 5 stars


» 1 retouched image per person
» Maximum 100 people per day
» Tips about clothing, hair and make-up before the shoot
» We select the favorite image immediately
» Professional retouched images;

Schedule a call below to discuss your company’s needs. 

In under 20 minutes you know exactly what to expect, what your investment is, how long the shoot will take, what the turnaround will be, and at what time I can be available.

I continuously help companies with increasing their online visibility through their corporate headshots.

With employer branding, employees are creating content on behalf of the company more often. Whether it’s on social media, through blogs or by working directly with customers through emails, a corporate headshot will help create a uniform, professional appearance for your clients and audiences.

A corporate headshot at your company?

You want to focus on your core-business, so do I. That’s why I’ll take care of all the work. We schedule the day(s) and the number of people who need to be photographed, and I’ll take if from there.

The only thing I need is a space of about 20 m2 / 200 sq ft, and wall power. That’s where the organization of the shoot can stop for you. 

I need about 20 minutes to set up my mobile headshot studio and as long as people know where I will be, everyone gets their corporate headshot taken. 

Every person gets individual attention, and how much or less time they need to get a corporate headshot that meets my highest standard.

What is my investment when it comes to corporate headshot photography?

I work based on an all-in rate based on the number of people who want/need a corporate headshot. 

My rate includes travel, set-up and break-down time, and 1 professional retouched image per person. 

All of this to make sure you know exactly what you’ll get.

No suprises! 

I am available for assignments for smaller companies or big corporations. It is possible to divide larger groups and enterprises over multiple days or locations. 

I believe in creating a custom experience for each of the corporations I work with, therefore I want to invite you to reach out to me to talk about your needs and learn how I can accommodate to help your business and employees get the corporate headshots they deserve.

The studio can be reached by phone  +31 (0)26-2022992 or email at