Maurice Jager

Maurice Jager is a photographer, speaker, author and podcast-host.

Maurice Jager is Europa’s top headshot photographer and personal branding photography specialist.

With 10 years of experience in as a photographer and building his own personal brand,

Maurice has seen all the pitfalls and learned what is needed to build a market for his photography business.

Maurice partnered up with Van Duuren Media and together they released his book ‘Personal branding voor fotografen‘, only available in Dutch at this point, which bundles all of his experience.

As the expert in personal branding for photographers, Maurice also launched a Facebook group with currently over 700 members and a Podcast named  ‘Personal Branding for Photographers‘ with approximately 500 monthly listeners.

Maurice is one of the returning coaches on the TV-Show ‘Focus op Gelderland’ which is aired on Omroep Gelderland and national TV on NPO2 with Omroep Max.

Maurice’s book has been chosen the second best photography book in 2020.

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Maurice’s childhood and youth evolved around sports. Pushing hard to be the best on the pitch was his daily routine. When that ended abruptly because of an injury due to a traffic accident he needed to find a new direction.

Figuring out what drives people drew his interest and marketing became the name of the new game, and he jumped straight in and led several departments in the corporate world for almost a decade. While time passed, the job jumped the shark as the creative aspect of the job diminished and the commercial goals became overly important for his taste.

He felt he needed yet again to make a change in his life.

Maurice has been photographing for years already, and that’s when he decided to take up photography full-time. Up until then, Maurice always worked with people and tried to get the best out of them.

Headshot and portrait photography is exactly what ties it all together. With the help of world-renowned photographer Peter Hurley, Maurice has developed a successful business by using his marketing skills and his camera.

On a daily basis, he helps entrepreneurs, business, professionals and photographers to better present themselves through his photography and marketing skills.

His competitive nature got him to become the premiere headshot photographer in Europe.

Maurice helped Peter Hurley building the online community called, the biggest network of headshot and portrait photographers worldwide.

His book ‘Personal branding for photographers’ enables him to help the Dutch photographers to become more successful. Unfortunately, his opportunity to help photographers globally with their personal branding is currently limited to personalized one on one coaching or by listening to his international podcast also named ‘Personal branding for photographers‘. The podcast currently has around 500 monthly listeners.

Maurice also speaks globally for his sponsors about his experiences and shares his knowledge with other entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of images in their marketing and branding campaigns.


Maurice helps his clients and other photographers to show their unique expertise through powerful and authentic images and messaging.


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Peter Hurley

Photographer, Founder, Author of the book ‘The Headshot’

Have to say I’ve been impressed Maurice’s marketing and branding skills that allowed him to create a headshot market and successful business in the Netherlands.

A year into my coaching program he excelled by becoming one of my Associate Photographers and shorty after I invited him to become a mentor in order to help coach members of the Headshot Crew.

Maurice single-handedly created a market to distribute my HURLEYPROGEAR products in Europe as well expanding the Headshot Crew brand there as well.

He also joined the first ever global headshot event called The Headshot Crewz as a teacher and then shortly afterwards became the Chief Marketing Officer of the Headshot Crew. There he helped build the community from 5000 photographers to over 15,000. Maurice’s brainchild of the Headshot of the Week contest, created a competition for the members to continuously develop their skills, which runs to this day.

He has been a force of nature, whether he’s teaching at trade-shows in the US and Europe or sharing his knowledge online on the Headshot Crew, his podcast, webinars, social media or through his courses.

This guy is focused, committed, passionate and talented to boot. I’m just psyched that we met and feel fortunate to have been able to work together.

Maurice I can’t thank you enough for all you do!


Associate Vice-President BenQ

We would like to express our professional endorsement of Maurice Jager.

For over three years, Maurice has served as one of our official BenQ AQCOLOR Photography Experts.

In that capacity, Maurice both represents the BenQ family and provides invaluable input into our ability to create products that better serve the professional photographer community worldwide.

Everyone that has worked with Maurice at BenQ has utmost respect for his skills, passion, and dedication.

We have gained considerable knowledge from his insights and believe Maurice has likewise grown thanks to our ongoing collaboration.

In particular, Maurice has cultivated experience in portrait photography. He’s also highly cognizant of the importance of professional displays, and has helped us evolve our PhotoVue series of monitors with his reviews, opinions, and feedback.

As such, please consider this short letter a recommendation of Maurice as a highly skilled photographer and artist. We’ve been honored to work with him and look forward to continued cooperation in the future.

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Show director PhotoPlusExpo & WPPI

Maurice has been an amazing friend to PHOTOPLUS these past few years, working alongside our programs to make them the best they possibly can be.

Just this past year, Maurice worked with several photographers in our group to help them understand how they can brand themselves more successfully in this competitive landscape.

And on top of doing all of this, Maurice also took the time to sit with many aspiring artists for portfolio reviews, providing encouragement and guidance to help others thrive.

It’s fantastic whenever we get a chance to work together and, I look forward to the next time I get to actually see this guy in person once again!

Glyn Dewis

Photographer, Educator and Author of #1 best-selling books

I’ve known Maurice for a number of years now and if there’s one thing aside from his Photography that I admire it’s his ability to market not just what he does but to make you feel you know him before you know him.

With the ever increasing use of social media platforms we become bombarded with seemingly endless posts of hard hitting campaigns but it’s the subtle ‘under the radar’ approach; the seemingly genuine that makes me want to know more, and this is what Maurice has down to a fine art.

The personal, human approach will always win over ‘tricks’ and what I love is that with Maurice, what you see is what you get. His marketing and his personal branding is a true reflection of who he is and it’s this ability to show this that makes me want to pick his brains whenever we have the chance to catch up.




Rabobank OndernemersBoost ledendag
WPPI Las Vegas 2017
VzW Fotovakbond Belgie 2019

PhotoKina 2019 Cologne
Professional Imaging 2019
FotoFair 2019
PhotoPlusExpo New York 2019

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Maurice Jager interview


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