LinkedIn Kickstart session in Haarlem with Perry van Beek

One of the most repeating gigs I have is assisting Perry van Beek during his LinkedIn Kickstart sessions. This time I worked on a LinkedIn Kickstart session in Haarlem with Perry van Beek and took the camera with me to shoot some cool Behind the Scenes of the day.

LinkedIn Kickstart

A LinkedIn Kickstart is a workshop to help entrepreneurs and sales professionals to leverage their LinkedIn profile. The LinkedIn Kickstart is jampacked with tips and tricks on how to set up your LinkedIn profile and how to start reaching out and building connections (I’m not talking about hoarding people on your list) who are meaningful for both yourself and the connections your building.

LinkedIn Headshots & Banner images

My part in this one day LinkedIn kickstart workshop is to help the attendees with images that are gonna make them look in the way they want to be perceived. This both includes the headshots and the banner images. Yes LinkedIn has a nice spot to upload a banner, which tells your profile visitors a little bit more about what you do. It shouldn’t be just a headshot, but more of a contextual image to add to your personal brand.

Here’s the awesome video on YouTube:

Do you use a nice banner image on your LinkedIn page already? What does it look like? I’m curious, show me what you got!


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