Glyn Dewis and I go way back. I met Glyn years ago at the Professional Imaging photography tradeshow here in the Netherlands when he was explaining all sorts of cool Photoshop tricks. Now 6-7 years later we are friends. Last month Glyn was in the Netherlands again to speak at Professional Imaging and an interview for the He Shoots He Draws podcast that he hosts with Dave Clayton was due.

In the interview I talk about my life before peaking through a camera to shoot faces all day. Furthermore, we talk about how you as a photographer can start building and expanding your business with the use of LinkedIn.

This podcast interview happened at the right time as we have just released the ‘LinkedIn for photographers’ online training course on SCREW THE METADATA. In the interview I already drop a couple of nuggets of information, which put LinkedIn in a new perspective for Glyn as well.

Enjoy listening to the podcast below and make sure you show support to Glyn and Dave. Their podcasts are awesome! (And I’m not saying that because I was a guest)


Link to the Official Podcast page:



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