Zack Arias Photography Q & A boek

Zack Arias Photography Q&A

I ordered the Photography Q&A book by Zack Arias a while ago when it became available as e-book on Today I’ve read the last pages of the book and I have to say the book has Zack all over it. Zack is really down to earth, with silly jokes and straight-up answered from questions asked on his blog. In the book, nothing got lost because I feel there hasn’t been a lot redacted which makes it very easy to read. It’s not a live-changing book with shocking revalations for me, but it’s a book which reads nicely and which gives you a peak in the life of Zack as a person and photographer. He explains perfectly how being successful as a photographer and a human being, in general, is definitely hard work and requires a lot of perseverance.

How did the book come together?

Zack Arias is besides an editoral and concert photographer also known as a blogger who loves to share knowledge. Out of that blogging and knowledge-sharing came the idea to start a blog for a year and have people ask any and all photography related question. Zack answered these questions to the best of his ability and at the end of the year the blog answered over 1000 questions. Zack felt it would be a waste if all that valuable information got lost, so he made a selection of the questions and published them in this book.


You can order the book in the Netherlands through, through this link:  Zack Arias Photography Q&A op
Are you more of an e-book kinda guy like me, that here’s the e-book:  Zack Arias Photography Q&A e-book op
nternational readers can grab the book from Amazon, by following this link:  Zack Arias Photography Q&A e-book on




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