Authenticity trumps everything in branding


s a solo entrepreneur one of your most valuable assets, apart from your skill and product, is your authenticity. Are you leveraging yours to its full potential?

Are you one of the authentic ones?

The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things authentically. Are you not fond of rules, but love reality. The truth. They can quote you, disagree with you, glorify or vilify you. But about the only thing they can’t do is ignore you. Because you change things.

Rob Siltanen wrote a bunch of amazing lines from which the above is inspired. If you are, congratulations! It means something. It’s rare, extraordinary and grand.

Because there are too many people who could take a page out of your authenticity book.

I just opened up Facebook for my daily routine of going through notifications to see what’s up and had happened during the day. The occasional likes, comments and such are all looked at and I open up the newsfeed.

Usually the second post from the top is the first ad you’ll see, and so is today. Some guy I don’t know, have never seen nor heard of before decided to show me a picture of how his email subscriber number grew from a couple hundred to tens of thousands of people “with just 5 simple tricks”.

My BS-o-meter starts to go up. I decided to continue to scroll down my feed.

I see a couple posts from my friends. I scroll down a little more and here’s another one: “How your business can dramatically increasing its revenue and changing your live with this Simple Client Funnel..”

You have seen these ads, right? Do they blow a fuse in your head too?

It seems as if every, single entrepreneurs tries to trick another entrepreneur into getting on an mailinglist. Because ’the value is in the list’.

Yeah, right… BS-o-meter alert! We are going into meltdown!

The value is in the content, not the list

Some people go for that kinda stuff. I know I’ve been there when I struggled with finding my voice and authenticity, not because I necessarily wanted 48,932 subscribers. I was curious to learn about their train of thought and the process. Get an insight, settle my curiosity. I can say I haven’t learned much, besides finding the unsubscribe button to get rid of the email avalanche.

If you believe in drinking a magic potion while scratching your left knee Tuesday Nights on uneven dates when Mercury is in retrospect, please go ahead and drink the Kool Aid. Listen to those people. Seriously! Go for it. Let me know how that worked out for you. Please?

It seems the product they offer is what I did. Signed up. ‘Cause now they can claim they went up to 63,905 subscribers since the last ad and run another stream of emails your way to show you how successful they’ve been with Facebook advertising. It’s BS people.

Authenticity is my premium product

As a entrepreneur I share my knowledge and skill to those around me. Most of them, I can even call my client. Any business takes time to grow and I know it’s hard work to build my business. But I want to build my business, I enjoy it. I do what I love and feel fortunate to have found what makes me tick. A large part of my business is based around working with me. It’s a cooperation between my clients and myself. If we don’t click (pun intended), chances are the results are not gonna be spectacular. My clients are stuck with me for a certain amount of time. They need to know with whom they’ll be working.

For me, being authentic and genuine in my communication is therefore paramount. I am not in the business of tricking 48,932 people to get on my email list. Nor does my business need all those people. I am a people person. I like to talk with an actual human being when it matters.

I want to communicate with people for whom I can be of value or those who can be of value to me.

I work with top level entrepreneurs, people who are serious about their careers and people who want to make a difference in the world; no matter how slim or humongous that change might be.

People who do those amazing things and have those awesome plans for the future, deserve to get a personal, authentic response from me and not get stuck in automation-land.

People, like you, deserve to speak with a person, be listened to and be heard, understood and appreciated. And then, when you had the opportunity to tell me about you, I will explain to you how I can make YOUR life even better.


Because people who wanna change the world need all the help they can get promoting their cause.

Do I see you in Authenticity? Authenti-City. If you’re not here already, make some travel arrangements! It’s a beautiful place!

Does this sound like you?

I made it my mission and goal to work with and help entrepreneurs to be able to share their story through my images and be as successful as they can in their niche. Reach out to me through my contact page to get the ball rollin’.




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"It’s not about the number of people you reach, it’s about the amount of people you touch."

- Maurice Jager






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